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Product Review: Wildroots Coastal Berry Blend

Before I delve into the actual product review, I would like to share some information on how my typical morning routine goes and what kind of products/food items I consume to jumpstart my day. I may be free from Type 2 Diabetes now, but I am still and will always be on top of my health, nutrition… and my glucose level.

I normally eat a low-carb granola bar or some trail mix and drink a cup o’ joe before I head out to the gym for a morning workout routine with my husband.  I don’t eat my normal breakfast spread until I am back home from my exercise session, but  I always make a conscious effort to eat something light before leaving.

Working out naturally lowers a person’s blood sugar levels and this is why diabetics are encouraged to be more active. However, blood sugar level drops or hypoglycemia is just as dangerous as sugar spikes or hyperglycemia – if not more. For a simple explanation on hypoglycemia versus hyperglycemia, please click on this link.

I like consuming natural food items instead of crazy chemicals before heading out to the gym. Coffee for instance has a lot of anti-oxidants. It’s also a good source of “fuel” before a rigorous workout. Some health studies claim that drinking coffee on a daily basis may help decrease risks of having a stroke, type 2 diabetes, basal cell carcinoma, clinical depression and cirrhosis of the liver – to name a few. Berries are very good for diabetics too – or for people who are trying to shed some weight. Most berries are low in carbohydrates and can easily be burned while working out. Lastly, nuts are great snack alternatives because researches show that they improve our blood lipid profile and lower the risk of coronary heart disease and the occurrence of type 2 diabetes.

I love the fact that Wildroots Coastal Berry Blend has all the ingredients that I love. It’s healthy and it’s DELICIOUS. I kid you not…it’s seriously tasty. This product summarizes everything that I am looking for in a pre-workout snack – so without further ado, here’s my review on this wonderful product:


–          I am a fan of the taste, the quality of the ingredients…and the fact that the makers did not skimp on anything. Some trail mixes go a wee bit “economical” on their products and add “fillers” (way too much at times) – such as heaps upon heaps of the most inexpensive nut out in the market (aka peanuts). Not that I have anything against peanuts . My point is, Wildroots’ Coastal Berry Blend has generous amounts of ALL the ingredients in the list.

–          Wildroots Coastal Berry Blend is made of all natural ingredients.  Some trail mixes that are readily available in local stores have crazy chemicals that I can’t even pronounce.  Most are loaded with sugar, sugar…and you guessed it right – more sugar. Not this bad boy! Berries, nuts, dairy products…these are the main and only ingredients that are in this health nut’s dream snack in a bag.

–          I cannot even begin to articulate how YUMMY this trail mix is. My all time favorite used to be Trader Joe’s Anti-Oxidant Nut and Berry Mix – but Wildroots’ Coastal Berry Blend just tops my favorites chart! I am not saying this because the company was kind enough to send me a free bag of the trail mix. I am happily gibbering about it because I believe in it, it is definitely worth sharing to the public and my wonderful blog reader/subscribers…and I am in love with this product.

–          Eating this trail mix is like having dessert so early in the morning – minus the guilt! For some reason, the yogurt chips taste like white chocolate to me…and the wonderful part is, I don’t have to worry about sugar spikes.

–          I always check my blood sugar levels before and after consuming a food item that I have never eaten before. I did the same when I got the Wildroots Coastal Berry Blend in the mail. When I woke up, I tested my blood sugar level and it was at 90 mg/dl. I went about my normal morning routine:  drank my cup o’ coffee, ate some Coastal Berry Blend Trail Mix and worked out at the gym with my husband. When I got home, I tested my sugar level again just to see how the product impacted my glucose level. I was very happy to see 98 mg/dl on my monitor’s screen.

–          Like most Wildroots Foods Products, you get a lot o’ bang for your buck with this Trail Mix. You get 1.6 pounds of healthy goodness for only $9.99. It’s hard to find great and reasonably priced trail mixes that would send me in a carb-induced coma…so I cannot help but be overly excited about this brand! =)


I must admit…coming up with a list of “cons” about this product had me stomped. I literally stared at my computer screen for what seemed like an eternity.

–          As I mentioned earlier, I use this product before a rigorous physical activity. If you’re diabetic and wish to consume this product as a snack, you might have varying glucose level results. Not all pre-diabetics/diabetics are hormonally engineered a certain way, if you know what I mean.

–          I could not find it in my local stores but I am happy to note that I can order some online. I know that we can never put a price tag on our health…but I would rather get these in stores, so that I don’t have to worry about shipping fees. Honestly tho…I would still purchase it online because it is a very good product and surely worth the extra money for shipping.

I honestly think that this product is worth raving about – because it truly is made with high quality ingredients. This company is a personal favorite of mine because of so many reasons. One being the fact that their products epitomize “health and nutrition” in its truest form. They make awesome products that are worth your while and worth trying out for yourselves. If you wish to try out their delicious products, you can visit their online shop (click me!).

Disclaimer: I’m no health guru, dietician, what-have-you. I’m just a normal consumer and an “ex-diabetic” – it feels so good to say that! I appreciate honest feedback about products that regular people like me use on a regular basis or consider buying. That is why I am paying it forward and giving reviews/opinions of my own on products that I have bought and used. My views and opinions are from a customer/end user’s standpoint.


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