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Influenster’s Beauty Bloggers Voxbox 2012

I finally got my first Voxbox from Influenster. Needless to say, I was pretty excited because not only do I get to try a couple of new items for free so I can decide if I want to purchase them again in the future – but I also get to share my insights with my blog readers as well!

One thing that I want to commend Influenster on, is the fact that they have a very “well-rounded” mindset when it comes to mixing and matching products that they send out to their product reviewers. As you can see from the photos that I posted below, they sent a couple of products that complement one another (e.g. cosmetics, hair products, candles, etc.).

Without further ado…here are the things that Influenster sent to me for review:




This NYC Palette’s pretty interesting. It has 4 eye shadows that were respectively labeled (contouring, highlight, crease) according to how/where they should be used. This little palette also comes with an eye base/primer and an illuminator. I must admit…I have never used this brand before so I am very interested about the quality and pigmentation.



I rarely use fake lashes because I’m lazy (lol…hey, at least I’m honest about it, right!) and I have read so many “eye articles” that discourage the use of falsies. I am willing to give this baby a try tho…because if it doesn’t irritate my eyes (and that happens a lot), then I just might jump into the false eyelashes bandwagon!


I am a complete and utter failure as far as fixing my hair goes. So when I saw this tiny hair contraption at Walmart….I had all kinds of questions running like athletes on a caffeine high in my brain. I would always hover, inspect and read the instructions at the back of the boxes but I never bought any…because I was too skeptical about the product.

When I found this in my Voxbox, all I could do was look at my husband and give him the goofiest smile I could muster. I am so excited to try it…and I will let y’all know how my adventure with Goody’s Spin Pin goes in a more detailed product review!


I have wavy hair that can get extremely curly on some days and straight/flat/icky/lifeless on others. I guess it all depends upon the weather and humidity…but there are those days when my hair makes me wonder if it has a separate working brain that was genetically engineered to irritate the living bejezzuz out of me. My hair just randomly goes on zombie mode sometimes (or so I’ve noticed)…too much “The Walking Dead“, perhaps?!

I am joking of course. Lol. Not about my hair tho…just about the tv show.

I always switch from one brand to another to tame/shape my curls and to keep the curls err…curly?! Wait…what?! Lol. I know…I don’t make sense sometimes but neither does my hair *dramatic sigh*. Anyway, I am very thrilled to get this in my voxbox because if it works…then I have another hair product to turn to when my hair’s being evil to me. *crosses fingers*


I am a big Emergen-C fan…so I was pleasantly surprised to find this in my box. Beauty should always go hand in hand with health – so I love the fact that on top of the other cool things that I got for product review, I got this too!

I am of the opinion that prevention is always better than cure. A healthy person… is a happy person… is a beautiful person.

PhotobucketCandles and “Smell Good” Stuff – I have all kinds of room in my heart of hearts for these things! I like keeping my home neat and organized – and smelling good all year round! I love plug-ins, diffusers…but candles are my absolute favorites because there is just something sexy and relaxing about lighting them.

This candle from Bath and Body Works is my nose’s idea of heaven – more like baked goods heaven. It is just so YUMMY smelling! I cannot wait to get the full-sized jar with the coupon that came with the candle! Hooray for me and my nose!

 I wanted to share the lovely items that came in the voxbox that Influenster sent to me for review purposes. I will do further product reviews with more information on the quality and price of each individual product – so stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER: I did not purchase any of these products. They were sent to me by Influenster for review and blogging purposes.


4 thoughts on “Influenster’s Beauty Bloggers Voxbox 2012

  1. What a great box, I am also a member of influenster and love all the voxboxes i have received. I did not get this one, (don’t think I applied) You make me regret my decision. lol Looks like a great bunch of products to try out and I can’t wait to see what you think of them all.

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