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Product Review and Giveaway: Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

I have heard a lot of good things about Country Bob’s from my Blogging Community and they had nothing but wonderful things to say about the company and their products. I was fortunate to be among the bloggers chosen by the company to try out their “All Purpose Sauce”.

I was very excited to receive my complimentary bottles because me and my husband are both in low carb diets and eat a lot of lean meat. I have to be very creative in the kitchen because “no carb and healthy eating” should not mean dry, boring and redundant meals.


When my all purpose sauces got delivered, I had to take it for a taste test right away because I wanted to check what the flavor profile’s like. I was pleasantly surprised about Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce’s robust flavor. It has the right amount of tang which makes it easy to work with and incorporate in most dishes – even side dishes!

Below, I have posted photos of a couple of dishes that I made with Country Bob’s All Purpose Steak Sauce. I always tweak traditional recipes or substitute them with low carb ingredients in accordance to me and my husband’s lifestyle/meal preferences.


Fried Bread with Chicken, Avocado Slivers and Baby Spinach:

Usually, the recipe for this fried bread calls for flour. I used a combination of Coconut Flour and Wildroots Milled Flaxseed as healthier and low carb substitutes. I used Country Bob’s All Purpose Steak Sauce to marinade the chicken and come dinner time, all I had to do was “grill” it on my Foreman. I added some baby spinach and avocado slices to my concoction for more nutrients and a healthy dollop of omega 3!


Baked Turkey Meatballs with Sauteed Low Carb Pasta:

I used Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce to season my ground turkey…and boy oh boy…was it YUMMY! I also sautéed some Dreamfields Low Carb Pasta on the side with a few drops of this wonderful culinary elixir from Country Bob’s.

My husband’s verdict on Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce: “Can we get more of this sauce when we run out?!” *burp*.

My verdict on Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce: They weren’t kidding when they say this sauce is “all purpose” because you can use it on anything and everything. Your only limit as far as using this in the kitchen would be your imagination. It definitely is worth checking out and buying. I know for a fact that I’ll be buying another bottle when I run out – it’s that GOOD.

Please do check out their products at your local stores’ barbeque/sauce isles or through Country Bob’s Website (click me). They have a variety of products that would suit your culinary/bbq-ing needs!


Do you want to win your own bottles of  Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce?! 

The company was kind enough to sponsor my very first giveaway, so that my lovely readers can try this amazing All Purpose Sauce. There will be two (2) winners for this giveaway and each one will receive two (2) bottles of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. The giveaway is open to US Residents only. This raffle starts today (October 22, 2012) and ends on November 5, 2012. The winners will be announced on a separate blog entry – so keep checking my blog for updates!

All you have to do to qualify is “like” this post and tell me what you are looking for when purchasing all purpose/barbeque sauces (e.g. price, specific flavor profile, ingredients, etc.) by leaving a comment below” .

Thank you for dropping by and GOOD LUCK!

Disclaimer: These bottles of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce were sent to me for product review and blogging purposes. I did not pay for these items, nor am I getting monetary compensation for posting an honest review about this product. My views and opinions are from a customer/end user’s standpoint.


35 thoughts on “Product Review and Giveaway: Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

  1. Hi The fried bread looks wonderful. I like flavor when I buy my sauces. With an all purpose sauce I don’t really want it to be too much like a BBQ sauce. ( IU tried to like the page but it wants me to sign in?)

  2. Congrats on your first giveaway!!! Plus it’s a good one! I have to say that I always look for a liitle spice in my BBQ Sauce! Country Bobs also has a good one. Sorry, try as i may I’m unable to “like” this post :/ but I really do want to! 🙂

  3. We are bbq’n fools in this house…….. I prefer the sweet sauces and my daughters prefer the spicy tangy ones……..but we are always up for trying something new!!

  4. I can’t like it bc I don’t have blogger =( But I look for something a little spicy and tangy to get my juices flowing!

  5. Those dishes look so good and when I look for a sauce I like the seasonings that they are made with,as to me that makes the sauce!

    I love Country Bob’s Sauce but we can’t get it in our area.

  6. ok now Im hungry– I could see using the seasoning and sauce on about anything–thanks for the giveaway–good luck on your site

  7. I liked! I don’t look for anything too specific when buying sauces, I just like stuff that sounds like its going to have a lot of flavor!

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