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Product Review: Not Your Mother’s Curl Defining Cream


As I mentioned in my Influenster’s Beauty Bloggers Voxbox 2012 blog post, my hair is very confused. It can go from perfectly shiny and wavy/curly one minute…to poofy and dry or limp and straight the next. I’m pretty sure that the weather and humidity level (or lack thereof) here in Texas plays a major role in my hair’s mood swings, so I am always on the lookout for products that can fix this dilemma.

“Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream” (it’s quite a mouthful, i know…) is part of the Beauty Voxbox 2012 that Influenster sent to me for product review. I was so excited to see this product in my box, because I have never used it before and I am always very eager to try hair products that can potentially tame the wild and moody beast that I fondly call “my hair”.

Photo Above: My husband trying to take a snapshot of my long hair. We used a smartphone – which explains why my curls weren’t really captured in this snapshot. But anyway…I was very happy about how my hair looked like after using “Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Cream”. I thought it had more body and definition.


  • This product provides just the right amount of moisture. It doesn’t leave that overly greasy residue behind like some other curl shaping products do.
  • It is so delicious smelling. This hair product is infused with Grapeseed and Jasmine…and it doesn’t have a tacky/overpowering scent. Instead, it has fruity undertones – I love it!
  • It does what it’s supposed to do – and then some. After using this product, I find that it’s all I really need to have my hair’s waves looking the way I want them to look the whole day. I’m too lazy to use curling irons and blow dryers – so this product is perfect for me. I normally take bubble baths or showers at night…and I am happy that even after a rendezvous with my sheets and pillows, my hair still looks good the next morning.
  • It works for sensitive scalps too.  I have very sensitive skin and when I use a product that’s too harsh or greasy – my scalp lets me know right away. I was hesitant to use “Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream” at first because of my sensitive skin. I didn’t want my scalp to flake up…or itch…but I wouldn’t know if this product would work for me if I won’t give it a chance, right? The good news is…my scalp loves this hair cream too. *big happy sigh of relief*
  • It’s affordable. A 120 ml bottle costs around $5.99 at Ulta…so I’m guessing it’s around the 5 to 6 dollar range in other stores (e.g. Walmart, Target, Drug Stores, etc.).


  • For people with long hair like myself, a 120 ml bottle won’t go a long way. You have to saturate your hair with the product, so you can get your desired effect. Ergo, that’s a lot of $5.99’s along the way.


I like how the product smells like. I like how it makes my hair look like. So in all honesty…I would probably buy it again. Low maintenance hair = priceless.

DISCLAIMER: I did not purchase any of these products. They were sent to me by Influenster for review and blogging purposes. I’m just a regular consumer and I appreciate honest feedback about products that regular people like me use on a daily basis or consider buying. That is why I am paying it forward and giving reviews/opinions of my own on products that I have bought and used. My views and opinions are from a customer/end user’s standpoint.


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Not Your Mother’s Curl Defining Cream

  1. That is something I would try! I love a product that makes my hair smell nice too! What a wonderful advertisement your hair is for the product!

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