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Love. Faith. Hope.

Almost a year ago, I was very sick and never thought I would ever regain total control of my health. Needless to say, I was down and out – and very scared. My diabetes took on a very scary turn, and was slowly affecting my kidneys, liver and even my heart. During those times, I had nothing to turn to but my faith and no one else to hold onto but my family and closest friends.

The “Love Came Down” collection reminds me day in and out of how faith and love can move mountains and heal broken spirits.

A year later…I am still here – with a clean bill of health.

Happy. Healthy. Loved.

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” –  Luke 2:11

I remember all the positive things that kept me going when I was very sick, every time I look at the beautiful collection that  Dayspring was kind enough to share with me.
Love, beauty, happiness – they all exist in great abundance. We just have to open our eyes and hearts to witness and experience them.

Please visit  Inspired Deals, for more beautiful products that promote inspiration and encouragement. These products and this website in particular is very near and dear to my heart, because it truly is a home for the hearts of women.

Disclaimer: All the products showcased in this blog entry were sent to me for free by Dayspring. However, I was not compensated for my opinions – they are all my own.


18 thoughts on “Love. Faith. Hope.

  1. I have to tell you that this is very hard for me to talk or write about–I too was afflicked with a very horrible disease–I am so very lucky–No blessed to be a live– I shouldn’t be. I drank– so bad that I had to leave home for a little over five years–But through the love of my wife and family and their prayers for healing– I just woke up, and I was done–haven’t wanted or needed a drink since then–17years ago. I KNOW that God heard them,and saved me..I have no doubt.He is the ALMIGHTY,His will, will be done.It is HIS choice..And for all things we need to rejoice not just for the season. Your story makes me face this again–and its good! Thanks

      1. Thanks Sharon–I did this so I could have my family– I had to I have kids that need a dad and the best wife in the world–we were never promised a perfected world,just that Jesus Christ died for our sins–and I am a sinner–I know he is not finished with me-so while I’m still here I have to finish a good even though parts of my body just doesn’t work any longer.

  2. How very blessed and wonderful you have such a clean bill of health. I am on my way there and these inspirational pieces would be such a wonderful reminder of Him and His love.

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