Health Labs Nutra Digestive Enzymes

I started having digestive problems a few years ago and it has been a constant struggle with tummy aches, indigestion issues, gas, painful bloating episodes, heart burn and food sensitivity issues. I have IBS – a condition that developed due to the fact that I have endometriosis. It has brought me so much grief and discomfort – which is why I jumped at the opportunity of using and reviewing this product!

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I have been using this supplement for about a week now and I noticed that the painful bloating episodes I used to have in the afternoons (sometimes at night just before bed time) have significantly been lessened. I am of the opinion that this may be the perfect supplement for people like me with stomach issues and following low carb and high protein diets. I have less issues with heart burn and the urge to throw up after eating as well – and I am very grateful for that! I cannot even begin to articulate what a huge relief it is to be able to eat without fear of getting sick afterwards!

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This supplement helps target stubborn digestion, gas and bloating:

  • Powerful advanced plant enzyme formula
  • 100,000 units of protease per serving
  • 18 plant-based enzymes
  • Ideal for high-protein diets
  • Diverse formula breaks down a variety of foods

The Plant Enzyme Advantage:

Because some digestive tracts are more acidic and some are more alkaline, it’s important to find a supplement that covers both. Unlike animal-sourced enzymes, plant-based enzymes are effective in both acidic and alkaline systems. Digestion Solution capsules are always vegetarian-friendly and contain a diverse assortment of enzymes to better treat the most extreme symptoms.

Perfect even for people without Digestive Issues:

Even if one doesn’t have problems digesting certain foods, taking digestive enzymes can be beneficial also! That’s because digestive enzymes help break larger food molecules into smaller molecules that are more easily absorbed by the intestines.

As we get older, our guts begin producing fewer digestive enzymes, which makes it harder for our bodies to digest food efficiently and absorb all the nutrients in the foods we eat. Digestive enzymes counter this slowing in our natural enzyme production by breaking down proteins, carbohydrates and fats and turning them into body fuel.

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Take Back Your Digestive System for Good:

When having digestive issues, it means the digestive tract isn’t breaking down foods the way it should be. This can result in malnutrition, not to mention all kinds of nasty tummy trouble, including cramps, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and more.

With the help of plant-based digestive enzymes found in the Ultimate Digestion Solution, not only will the body more effectively break down complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats, it will also absorb more of the valuable nutrients it craves!

Ultimate Digestion Solution users frequently report:

  • Less heartburn
  • Less indigestion
  • Less embarrassing gas
  • Less belching
  • Less nausea
  • Less cramps
  • Less weight gain
  • Less bloating
  • Less diarrhea
  • Less constipation
  • Less food sensitivities
  • Less intestinal issues

Get your Health Labs Nutra Digestive Enzymes 30 Day Supply through This Link.

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Disclaimer: As a blogger, I am often provided Press Sample kits by companies for consideration and/or review purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for others. I refuse to review or endorse products that I have not or will not personally try. Needless to say, I may be a product reviewer but my thoughts are real and none of the things I say on my reviews are made up or fake – they are all based on my experience/s with whatever product I am reviewing. I’m just a regular consumer and I appreciate reading and giving honest feedback about products that regular people like me use on a daily basis or consider buying. My views and opinions are from a customer/end user’s standpoint.

Thank you so much for checking my blog out and stay tuned for my next blog post!


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