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Weight Loss Supplement by Petite Plus

This supplement contains most of the ingredients that I lean towards, when shopping for a weight loss supplement. It contains Pure Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, Forskolin, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Rhodiola Rosea; to name a few. As per my personal experience, these ingredients work well for me. I use it to maintain my current… Continue reading Weight Loss Supplement by Petite Plus

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Pure Moringa Oleifera Extract Pills (3 Month Supply) by Fresh HealthCare

This herb/plant is a very famous ingredient in my culture (Filipino) and has been used to cure different kinds of health conditions. It is also consumed by women from my mother land to aid in lactation. My family has been consuming this for many years but since it is hard to find out here in… Continue reading Pure Moringa Oleifera Extract Pills (3 Month Supply) by Fresh HealthCare

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Garcinia Cambogia Supreme 85% by Life & Food

I have health conditions to think about and take into consideration – which is why I am very careful when it comes to taking weight loss supplements. I love this particular brand and particular supplement because it is made of natural ingredients. I don’t have to worry about outrageous ingredients that would make me palpitate… Continue reading Garcinia Cambogia Supreme 85% by Life & Food

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Detox Colon Total Body Cleanse by Justified Laboratories

I take this supplement regularly, as it helps me cleanse the impurities that accumulates in my system, after a certain period of time. The added bonus that I enjoy by taking this supplement is the weight loss. I shed a few pounds every time I take this – as per the manufacturer’s instructions. I have… Continue reading Detox Colon Total Body Cleanse by Justified Laboratories

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Gloryfeel Thermogenic Metabolizer Supplement

This supplement has all the weight loss natural ingredients that I favor and use regularly. It has Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambodia, Green Coffee Bean, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin B6. I work out on a regular basis but because I am in my mid thirties, my metabolism is not the same anymore. Also, there are… Continue reading Gloryfeel Thermogenic Metabolizer Supplement

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Fresh Healthcare Pure Turmeric Curcumin

  I take this supplement religiously and I have been repurchasing it for almost two years now. I have quite a few medical conditions that benefit from me taking this Turmeric Supplement on a regular basis. It works as an anti-inflammatory formula and it does a wonderful job as a natural pain relieving agent. I… Continue reading Fresh Healthcare Pure Turmeric Curcumin