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Product Review: NYC Individual Eyes Palette

I received this NYC Individual Eyes Palette from Influenster, and it’s one of the many amazing products inside the Beauty Bloggers Voxbox 2012. It was a pretty interesting kit, because it had all the essential eye products that you’ll need in one compact palette.  I have always been loyal to my favorite high end brands… Continue reading Product Review: NYC Individual Eyes Palette

Product Review

Product Review: L’Oreal’s Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream in Medium

PRICE: FIVE STARS L’Oreal has always been good about providing its patrons with coupons – which  makes this product very affordable. It retails for $7.96 at my local Walmart and L’Oreal had a $2 coupon that I used so I only paid a total of $5.96 (taxes not included) for this product. Not bad, huh?… Continue reading Product Review: L’Oreal’s Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream in Medium

Product Review

Product Review: NARS’ “Hungry Heart”

PRICE: TWO STARS This product retails for $41 and I feel like I really didn’t get my money’s worth on this particular purchase. I am a big NARS fan/consumer…but this blush/hi-lighter duo just didn’t do it for me. QUALITY: THREE STARS I don’t like “overly shimmery” makeup or products on my face. A wee bit… Continue reading Product Review: NARS’ “Hungry Heart”

Product Review

Coastal Scents’ 6 Contour Blush Palette Review

 I bought several Coastal Scents palettes and items a few weeks ago but never had a chance to blog about any of them ’til now. I have been having too much fun with them…so I totally forgot about doing this review.



You can get this palette for under $20 and you get a LOT of product for that price too!


I love the fact that the product is highly pigmented but it is a wee bit on the chalky side. However, it is “build-able” and easy to work with and you can easily work around the “chalkiness” of the product. Setting sprays like the one made by Skindinavia addresses this too.


Coastal Scents have good customer service people. It may take them a few days via email before they get around to contacting their customers regarding whatever issues they have…but unlike the big cosmetic players out there – they WILL contact you. I don’t always have the time to wait on the phone for customer service inquiries…so email is my best buddy – for the most part.

I gave their customer service four stars because their website’s kinda uuuh…wack-o. Also, I never received any confirmation/tracking information from them…which led me to snoop around their site for details. I dunno if tracking info is important to any of y’all…but it is to me! Anyways, I am a technical person and for me to get all confused because of their “My Account” page’s set-up says a lot. It was impossible for me to track my purchase/s because of how the website responds.

I dunno…maybe it was just a glitch in the system but I haven’t been on their website as of late to check if it’s gotten any better. *shrugs*


Most probably. This palette is not as “affordable” as most drugstore finds that I’ve encountered (e.g. NYC, Wet N’ Wild, etc.) but I am pretty satisfied with the quality of the stuff that I purchased.  As previously mentioned, you get a lot of product for the amount that you spend – ergo, you get more bang for your buck!

My skin has not reacted to the ingredients of this palette either – and that is a very big deal to me, as I have very sensitive skin. I’m pretty much a happy camper right now.

Thanks, Coastal Scents!